Nasha is a fashion brand that specialize in Children and infants clothing.
Nasha's latest collection is inspired by geometric shapes, keeping a strong minimalistic and symmetric, classical lines.
Every piece of garment is carefully picked to ensure comfort and free movement.
The sewing quality is excellent, and the fabrics are selected exclusively to complement the clothes.


Looli's was created by Ruthi Ekhoiz 3 years ago. After years of expertise/experience in children's fashion design,
when her own private Looli was born, she decided to come out with a brand of her own.          
With her Looli came a breach of creation and ideas of lovely items designed and all hand made by Ruthi herself,
focusing on the new Mama and her baby's needs, together with the highest fabric and materials quality and sewing skills.
It is most important for Ruthi that every Mama will get a special and unique product,
since she and her baby are indeed one of a kind. For that reason, there are no 2 similar products!
Every single product was created with a special twist of colors and fabric all handpicked by Ruthi.

Based on their funky signature character “Freddy”, this brand offers a unique funky style that’s basic,
casual, comfortable and of course stylish all together. With each unique style,
Freddy invites the child to join him on a magical journey that tells a different story and theme.
Together, they can fly beyond their imagination and make up stories as they play along – Call him your child’s new imaginary friend!
On one of his journeys, Freddy decided to travel worldwide and search for new horizons.
On his travels, he met Adida “The Fallen Angel”.
Adida is a traveling spirit, he is also a great visual artist that loves to sketch and make beautiful things come to life.
Together they decided to join their creative forces and bring to life Freddy and his magical tales.



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